Role: Programmer

This is a 2D educational game about the garbage classification. The player controls a black hole to swallow the right type of wastes and try to get a higher point.

It was built under the theme of environmental protection. We found that even if we want to throw the trashes into the right trashbin, sometimes we just do not know which is the right one. Therefore, we created this game to help people learn the right classification of the trashes. We believe people will have a deeper impression of the knowledge they learn in the games.

There are 4 members in our team and I am the only programmer. I was in charge of all the engine-related work. Here is a short cut of the game.

Educational Game

It is the first time that I made a serious game. Just 2 months after we finished this game, Shanghai started the strictest garbage classification policy ever in China. This game also got support from the local government.

There are 4 kinds of wastes in the game. We take pictures of the real trash in our life. In order to make a more dynamic effect, we put the pictures into Adobe Photoshop and made frame animations for each trash.

The background of the whole game is a short novel hide in the smog. The short novel is
Can Anyone Hear Me? written by Hoshi Shinichi. We learned this novel in our middle school textbook as it warns people about the bad results brought by pollution.


The other 3 members in our team are from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in another province. We had to cooperate through the internet. We first discussed the main ideas together and then I sent them a pdf document with the requirements of the art assets. Rather than students major in CS or Game Design I cooperated before, this time my team members are pure artists. It is a great experience for me to cooperate with artists from another college without face-to-face talks. It is also interesting to find big differences in the way of thinking between students from different majors. This made me start to learn some basic art skills. It is really useful to have some knowledge about the art side when communicating with artists.