Role: Main Programmer / Project Manager / Level Designer.

This is a 3D/2D-view changeable platform puzzle game. It won the top 15 games above 178 games in MINI-GAME competition held by NetEase. It tells a short story: An experiment error created a door that can mix the 3D and 2D worlds. You, a secret hero, are going to close the door and save the world. However, after closing the door and back to the ground, something happens…

Our team has 8 members and all of us are programmers. I am the leading programmer and wrote the most part of the codes including the Character Controller, Game Manager, Camera Logic, UI and some level components. I am also the project manager to distribute the work and make sure we can finish the game on time. We used art sources from the Unity Store and the Internet. Here is a short video cut of the game.

View Change

In this game, the core gameplay is to change the camera view between 2D and 3D. The theme for the game is the door. We brainstormed and make the door as a transfer between different dimensions. We spent lots of time to design the levels. We made full use of the features between 3D and 2D. For example, the depth information would disappear in 2D and recover in 3D. Players can reach some places only in a 2D view. There are also some traps that can only be passed in a 3D view. We designed some levels that need the player to switch the view when jumping in the air. This increases the intensity of the game. In total there are 6 levels with different mechanisms.

Level Design Draft

Start Menu Design

We designed the start menu inside the elevator of the beginning scene which made the game flow go more smoothly. This fits the menu into the story without feelings of interrupts.